Patron Alert/Note Consolidation

Status: In testing

This project will combine the multiple patron alert, note, and message functions into a unified interface.

Functional Specifications: Consolidate patron notes, alerts, and messages  by Equinox Open Library Initiative is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Original requirements developed by MassLNC.


The Evergreen patron record has three different areas where staff can add or view notes or alerts about the patron.

  • Messages Tab
  • Other Tab > Notes
  • Edit Tab > Alert Message

The goal of this enhancement is to consolidate these areas to provide a one-stop place for staff to view any messages related to the patron and to add new notes or alerts.

1. The Add New Note form should provide an additional checkbox to cause the note to generate an alert (see Image 1). If selected, the note should appear on the alert screen with other messages and alerts when the patron’s record is retrieved (See Image 3).

Image 1
Add Note Mockup

2. The title for notes and alerts should display in the patron summary (See Image 2). Clicking on the title should bring staff to the note or alert.

3. The Messages tab should bring staff to a single interface that displays all notes and alerts and then displays any generated penalities/messages (See Image 2).  The option to add a new note/alert or a new message should be available from this interface. Since all of this information is displaying on one screen, there should no longer be a need for the Display Alert and Messages or the Notes buttons.

Image 2

Mock-up of messages screen

4. The alert-generating note may replace the current alert field used in the patron record, provided that the contents of that alert are moved to the new alert-generating note. However, if the developer chooses to keep the current patron alert field, it should display seamlessly with the alert-generating notes (See Image 3).

Image 3

Mock-up of alert