The Committee is responsible for selecting, approving vendor bids, and shepherding projects through to completion and addition to the Evergreen ILS.  
Name Affiliation Name Affiliation
Lyena Chavez NOBLE, Massachusetts Elaine Hardy GPLS, Georgia
Meaghan Kinton NOBLE Tiffany Little GPLS
Christine Morrissey NOBLE Terran McCanna GPLS
Elizabeth Thomsen NOBLE Chris Sharp GPLS
Katherine Dannehl PaILS, Pennsylvania Laura Brzeski Evergreen Indiana
Elizabeth Davis PaILS Britta Dorsey Evergreen Indiana
Katie Greenleaf Martin PaILS Jocelyn Lewis Evergreen Indiana
Ben Kalish CW Mars, Massachusetts Scott Tracey Evergreen Indiana
Amy Schack CW Mars Sharon Douglas LARL, Minnesota
Joan Kranich CW Mars Josh Stompro, nonvoting LARL
Tom O’Connell CW Mars David Christensen BCLC Sitka, British Columbia
Olivia Scully Bibliomation, Connecticut Shannon Dineen BCLC Sitka
Amy Terlaga Bibliomation Sharon Herbert BCLC Sitka
Jessica Woolford Bibliomation  Ruth Frasur Project Coordinator