In 2019, the Evergreen Community Development Initiative was formed in Indiana with the sponsorship of the Evergreen Indiana Library Consortium after the MassLNC Development Initiative shuttered.

The goal and mission of the organization is to drive useful and in-demand development by focusing the available funding and staff support on community targeted projects. By collaborating on this work, we reduce the potential for redundant development projects and ensure that development speaks to the needs of the greater community rather than just one library or consortium.

The Initiative is comprised of the following member agencies:

  • BC Libraries Cooperative/SITKA (British Columbia, CAN)
  • Bibliomation (CT)
  • CW MARS (MA)
  • Evergreen Indiana (IN)
  • Lake Agassiz Regional Library (MN)
  • North of Boston Library Exchange [NOBLE] (MA)
  • PaILS (PA)
  • PINES (GA)