Ranking Project Title Category
1 Improve Bucket Sharing and Management Buckets
2 Batch Load Bib IDs Buckets
3 Basket should be persistent for logged in user OPAC
4 Spine label sort order and text wrap fix Labels
5 Support holds pickup at non-branch locations Holds/Transits
6 Ability to specify multiple circ mods Circulation
7 Bib Search – Improve Call Number Browse Bib Search
8 Hold confirmation in staff client is below fold Usability
9 Option(s) to email circulation receipts* Patron Account
10 Make non-public note visible Staff Catalog
11 Hourly due dates should not exceed closed hours Admin
12 Provide more information in CKO history OPAC
13 Series Searching and Grouping Bib Search
14 Require parts on specific bib records Holdings
15 MARC Template Interface Admin
16 KPAC Redesign/Refactor OPAC
17 Ability to clone circulation policies Admin
18 Rationalize Working Locations Process Registration
19 Pronoun option Registration
20 Update item status from CKI/Item Status Circulation
21 Add “Limit to Electronic Resources” checkbox Staff Catalog
22 Permission to view all holds groups Buckets
23 Fix OPAC spacing on small screens Usability
24 Patron Engagement Service Tool API Admin
25 Email checkin/items out receipt Patron Account
26 OPAC – Author pages OPAC
27 “Where” filter in Bootstrap Catalog produces unwanted results OPAC
28 Use library long name in staff client Admin
29 Option to disable Title holds on parts Holds/Transits
30 Patron reviews OPAC
31 Double-click item in Holdings View to open Editor Holdings
32 Activity Metric Calculations Bib Search
33 Display and print improvements for transit slip Holds/Transits
34 Hold policies by shelving location Holds/Transits
35 Hold policies based on Library Groups/Lassos Holds/Transits
36 Modest e-materials integration OPAC
37 Add permalinks to display Staff Catalog
38 Reset Copy Location Holdings
39 Filter Search by Physical Characteristics Bib Search
40 Needs to use improved print/email functionality Staff Catalog
41 Default Stat Cat not honored Registration
42 Separate required fields for self and staff-side registration forms Registration
43 Attach shelf expire time to item type Holds/Transits
44 Search preferences should include checkboxes and sort order Staff Catalog
45 Improve permalink option OPAC
46 DOB formatting Admin
47 Add Courier Code to Pull List Holds/Transits
48 Always show full titles OPAC
49 Staff catalog shows org units not meant to be visible Staff Catalog
50 Ability to filter holds pull list Holds/Transits
51 Categories for In-house Use counts Admin
52 user configurable fonts Admin
53 Customize Patron Summary Patron Account
54 Custom Field on Self Reg Registration
55 “Claimed Returned” popup at check-in Circulation